Progress Constructions has been growing in the last few years and its products and services are setting standards in the region. By providing unique services for our clients through continuous efforts and dedication to the regional market and through high quality performance, our future growth is assured.

The key to our success is to adapt new technologies, innovative designs and advanced engineering techniques. This has given us the edge over our competitors.

We have restructured our company to meet the new challenges. Thus, we are constantly upgrading our services to achieve complete satisfaction to our client’s needs.

We at Progress Constructions seek the opportunity to serve and provide you with personalized services from upper management to field staff for the successful delivery of your project on time and within the budget. The company instills this philosophy in our employees to do the kind of work that makes our clients want us to build their next project.

Looking ahead, we are confident that Progress Constructions are well positioned to help our clients achieve high performance. We navigated the past several years through an extremely challenging time and emerged better and stronger companies. It is an exciting time for us … and we are ready to power Progress Constructions into the future.

We believe that future brings new optimism and an improved platform for business, giving us the confidence that we will achieve our business plan. But, as ever, we all need to remain focused and strive for the best in what we do.

We are enhancing our key internal operations to ensure a consistent and positive experience for our clients, partners, suppliers and employees.

As a Company we remain committed to corporate and social responsibility. In all of our actions we strive to ensure that all economic, environmental and social factors are considered. We believe that this approach, driven by our principles of respect, and involvement, makes us more responsible and informed as a company.

We firmly believe that our core values and code of conduct make us different and contribute to our long record of success. Our ethic of Honesty and Service is not just the right thing to do but our duty every day.


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