Progress Constructions Company is committed to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all its employee and visitors.
At Progress Constructions, safety is a primary concern. Our full-time Safety Director visits each individual project site, performs regular staff training and networks with others to insure safe working conditions are being maintained. Weekly safety meetings are held on each project site between the Progress Constructions site staff and subcontractors to stress the importance of jobsite safety and to keep safety in the minds of each individual working on the site. At Progress Constructions we are always improving.

Progress Constructions Company is committed to preventing illness and injuries at the work place providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees.
Progress Constructions Company considers their employees to be their greatest asset and to assist in their protection will provide occupational rehabilitation for any employee who sustains an injury at work.
Rehabilitation will commence as soon as injury or illness occurs, which make it imperative that all incidents are reported immediately.

The company will provide suitable duties, where available, which may be outside the employee’s usual job classification.
The provision of suitable duties for employees having sustained and injury or illness outside work will be subject to assessment by the company management.

A written return to work program consistent with medical advice will be forwarded and the rehabilitation coordinator will be the necessary link between the work place and treating practitioners.

To achieve this Progress Constructions company will:
» Ensure all levels of management and employees understand and accept their health and safety responsibilities and are accountable for those matters within their control.
» Take into consideration health and safety in all stages of planning, design and construction to incorporate system to eliminate or control hazards.
» Commit sufficient resources for effective implementation of safety management system in all areas of operation.
Ensure all personal competent and suitably skilled to undertake the duties for which they are employed in a safe and productive manner.
» Promptly report and investigate all accidents, incidents and hazardous condition and apply appropriate corrective action.
Collective support and participate the promotion of active safety management system and strive for continual improvement through audit and evaluation programmed.
» Provide an effective system of rehabilitation of injured employees.
» Ensure that specific health and safety requirement of clients are acknowledged and implemented.
» Management accepts responsibility for the effective implementation of this policy and will provide systems, training supervision and support to ensure a safe work environment.

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